The Eurasier is a wonderful dog breed. We must try to ensure to keep it that way. The German Eurasier clubs where the breed originates have strict breeding rules to ensure good health and a sound temperament.

Breeding may only be oriented on the improvement of the breed. and only then when there is a demand for the puppies and the puppies will already have qualified homes when they are born.

A Eurasier breeder never gains any income from his breeding. In German clubs breeders are hobby breeders.only and are solely allowed to keep two females for breeding. All breeding data is kept in a general database which ensures general tracking of individual Eurasiers’ data and enables the breeding officials of the club to offer the best suggestions for mating.

Eurasiers must be kept in an environment which allows them to be close to their human pack. They cannot be kept in kennels and it can be very difficult to temporarily board them with third parties for vacations, etc. Due to the fact that they need close family contact, they should not be left alone either for a whole work day. They would be unhappy. The Eurasier lives with his human pack as a family member

The Eurasier owner gives his dog the chance to encounter his surroundings during daily walks and makes sure that he will be able to have social contacts with other people and dogs.

Another special feature of the Eurasier community are Eurasier Walks and Eurasier Meeting where owners and their dogs meet for nice walks and enjoy a good time together with their dogs.

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