Our dogs play such a big role in our lives. They are part of our family and each and every one of them has her very special personality. A description of them is given on their individual pages that you can access on the left.


DSC_1076maja portrait

The dog of my lifetime, “the Queen”, the former Alpha and leader of her pack, our Laika. Always with dignity. Laika was such an intelligent dog, we spoke without words and she could read my feelings. I still miss her...

Maja - always a smile on her face which was indicative of her sweet personality. (photo B. Post) She was such a good dog and was always with me, where ever I went in the house. She was my little shadow and she will always have a special spot in our hearts.

Joy, our wolf girl, who is Laika’s daughter has inherited many traits of Laika’s personality. They showed more and more as she matured. Very calm, very vigilant, protective, and careful she took over the leadership of the pack. She wakes us every morning with kisses.

Enya, our “white wolf” is with us since January 2008. She conquered our hearts in no time. She is such a little imp, we love her to pieces. She is an active girl who loves to have fun. She is very outgoing, be it with other dogs or with people. All in all a well-rounded great and happy dog.

Ziva, the little “black devil” joined our pack in February of 2012. She is sweet as can be. By now she has outgrown her wild puppy moments and has matured into a full member of the pack. She guards the property and alerts us to anything unusual. She is reserved with strangers and a very cautious dog.


Jolene Skye joined our pack in September 2017. She is a delight to have although she is still quite “innovative” at her age. She is a very smart girl and is very eager to learn. We love her to the moon and back.

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