Nordstern’s Belle Ode to Joy

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“Nordstern’s Belle Ode to Joy” was born on June 29, 2004 here in our family. She is the daughter of our “Laika”. Joy is a 53 cm tall medium size female with harmonic proportions. She has a striking wolf-grey coat. Joy is extremely loving with her family, she is always close to us and loves to cuddle. With strangers, however, she is reserved and suspicious. She is very alert and guards the house well. Her dark voice sounds quite impressive. Joy is careful in her interaction with other dogs and watches out for her pack. In winter Joy loves the snow, like all Eurasiers and in summer she enjoys her time in the water. She is hip and patella certified and had her eyes test. After the death of her mother she has taken over the Alpha role in our pack and leads it with dignity. I am very proud of this girl. Joy is highly intelligent and understands every word.

Joy-0110 - Copy1
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