The Variety of Eurasier Colors

The Eurasier Breed comes in a nice variety of colors, a mixture that resulted from the colors of the breeds of origin. No other breeds offer as many different colors. Attend a Eurasier gathering and you can judge for yourself. You can see Eurasiers in pure black, black with markings, red ones, grey ones, light cream ones and combinations thereof. Eurasiers are, however, not bred for colors.Often the future owner is looking for a specific color but when he gets a chance to see many different Eurasiers, they often change their minds as each color has its specific flair.

Breeders can give future owners a tendency of what color the puppy might be. Only pure black and black and tan puppies will keep their colors for sure. And, of course, a red Eurasier will not turn into a black one overnight but the pups can go through quite some color changes within their color range. The only colors that are not permitted per standard are pure white , irregular white patches and liver color.

One thing is sure though - every Eurasier, no matter what color is beautiful, special and one of a kind.


Each Color is Beautiful !!!

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