When you breed dogs it is very important to know their ancestors, keep track of their siblings, see how they develop, how their health is - if you breed you do not want to multiply, you only want to breed if you are trying to produce excellent representatives of the breed. Research is necessary. Information is important. No breeder should just breed two Eurasiers without prior extensive study of the health history of the dogs’ lineage. The temperament of the dogs must be taken into consideration. Last but not least, the phenotype is of importance since dam and sire must match harmoniously. As a breeder you must admit to your dog’s deviations of the standard and try to compliment them with a stud that shows correct features.

This is what we are aiming at - healthy and happy dogs that enjoy life and that bring joy to their owners’ families. To see our dogs ancestors please click on the links on the left that bring you to Laika’s, Maja’s, Joy’s, Enya’s, Ziva’s and Skye’s families!

IMG_3508maja joy running ocean s IMG_6665