Pacific Coast Vienna Wolfsong Dignity of Lakota


After we lost our Eurasiers Enya and Skye within 3 months, my pack was reduced to two dogs. I felt the void. I decided to add a puppy to the pack one more time. Probably she will be the last one as we all get older.  “Pacific Coast Vienna Wolfsong Dignity of Lakota” - a long name for such a small puppy. For me the name with many meanings.  

David flew to British Columbia and took “Vienna” home to us from her breeder Judi Neumeyer. Vienna is a smart little girl who learns quickly. She loves Skye who teaches her a lot. Vienna is also a little Houdini. There is not one gate that she has not conquered yet but by now she outgrew x-pens anyway. She is also quite the dedicated landscaper. It is my intent to try and teach “Vienna” the basics of tracking as well. She is very food-motivated. So we shall see. Vienna was born at the end of October 2019. So she is still my baby.