United States Eurasier Club

Mission Statement

As the national breed club, the United States Eurasier Club, Inc. (USEC) will strive to ensure the welfare of the Eurasier breed in the United States of America by preserving the breed in accordance with the original FCI Standard and protecting the Eurasier in the spirit of its country of origin.

To achieve this goal, the USEC will focus its efforts on:

~ Providing support and information to Eurasier owners, breeders, club members and the public about the care, health and keeping of Eurasiers.

~ Urging breeders, club members, judges and national breed registries to accept the standard of the breed as set forth in the original FCI Standard as the only standard of excellence by which the Eurasier shall be bred and judged.

~ Requiring our breeders to honor and abide by the Breeding Rules and Code of Ethics set forth by the USEC.

~ Establishing positive working relationships with international Eurasier clubs, as well as local and regional Eurasier clubs as they develop in the United States.

~ Offering a link between prospective Eurasier owners and breeders who adhere to the USEC’s Code of Ethics.

~ Participating in cooperative Eurasier breed rescue.

~ Developing and maintaining a database of Eurasiers living or born in the USA.

~ Doing everything in the Club’s power to protect and advance the interests and well-being of the Eurasier breed in the USA.


We are counting on our fellow Eurasier enthusiasts to help us achieve our goals. There are two ways you can do so:

Become Members of the USEC: We hope that you will join us in our mission to preserve and protect the Eurasier breed in our country! The best way for you to contribute to this worthwhile cause is by becoming a member of the United States Eurasier Club. Please visit the website of the United States Eurasier Club to print out your application.

Register Your Eurasier in the USEC Database: The USEC database will serve to keep track of our US Eurasier population so that we will have accurate records of how many Eurasiers are living in the USA and be able to keep those families informed about what is happening in our Eurasier community. One of the most important roles of the USEC database is to keep an accurate record of the health status of our US Eurasiers. These health records are vital to ensure that we continue to use the healthiest Eurasiers for breeding and produce the healthiest puppies for your families. You can contribute to the healthy future of our breed by registering your Eurasier in the USEC database. Thank you in advance for your contribution to the healthy future of Eurasiers in our country!

The United States Eurasier Club is looking forward to working together with our wonderful Eurasier community on our mission to ensure the best possible future for the Eurasier breed in our country! Our Eurasiers and the families who love them deserve only the best, so let’s work together and make sure that happens! (written by Kristin Gerlach)