IFEZ - International Federation for Eurasier Breeding - World Union

The  International Federation of Eurasier Breeding  is an alliance of Eurasier Clubs whose members feel a special obligation to ensure the welfare of the Eurasier breed. The clubs are all members of the FCI via their national Kennel Clubs and therefore guarantee sound breeding practices. The IFEZ was founded in February of 1996, based on a suggestion of the Zuchtgemeinschaft fuer Eurasiers (ZG), one of the three German clubs of origin of the breed.

The goal was to unite as many clubs as possible within Europe to breed Eurasiers on a high standard under observation of strict rules.

The chairmanship rotates bi-annually. Currently the IFEZ represents more than 6,000 Eurasier friends which is more than half of all Eurasier club members in all of Europe. The individual clubs exchange breeding relevant data of those Eurasiers bred within their clubs which is gathered in a database creating the greatest possible pool of information concerning health and behavior of the dogs. This data is used in modern breeding programs which are used for the breeding assessment of Eurasiers and planned breeding.

Since 1999 each Eurasier puppy that was bred in a member club of the IFEZ is being issued a special certificate confirming that the puppy stems from a club that observes the strict rules outlined by the IFEZ. By means of this certificate it is easy to differentiate between genuine Eurasiers stemming from those IFEZ member clubs and possible dissident breeders who might cross Chow Chows, Samoyeds and Wolfspitz and sell them under the ”Eurasier” name. The rules outlined by the IFEZ are:

  • The Eurasier is sold with papers issued by a club that is member of the FCI.
  • The Eurasier was bred from breeders that maintain a high standard.
  • The parents passed an assessment that qualifies them for breeding which is performed by a breeding specialist of the club (Koermeister) or a specialty judge.
  • The determination of which female is bred to which male depends on scientifically-based breeding-assessment with the goal to breed healthy and robust Eurasiers with sound characters.
  • Breeding for commercial purposes is not permitted.
  • The homes of the breeders and the rearing and raising of the litters is being checked by breeding specialists of the clubs.
  • The puppies are raised within the family and are therefore socialized very early with humans and with their environment.

In November of 2005 the IFEZ founded the International Federation for Eurasier Breeding - World Union and signs a cooperation agreement between the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the IFEZ World Association for Eurasiers. This world association strives to look after the Eurasier breed which it represents on a world-wide scale based on its codes and the FCI standard No 291 which includes the application of and the compliance with the FCI standard and the goal to maintain the health and temperament characteristics. It is of importance to the IFEZ World Association that everywhere in the world the Eurasier is kept as a family dog and is bred in accordance with the standard


Current full members of the IFEZ are:

Associate Members of the IFEZ are:

Eurasier Club Austria - ECA - Austria

Eurasier Club of Denmark

Eurasierfreunde Schweiz - ESF - Switzerland

Eurasier Club of Italy - ECI

Eurasier-Klub e.V., Sitz Weinheim, - EKW - Germany

Eurasier Club Belgie - ECB - Belgium

Zuchtgemeinschaft fuer Eurasier, ZG - Germany

Southern Eurasier Association - SEA - United Kingdom

Eurasier Verenigung Nederland, EVN - The Netherlands

United States Eurasier Club, Inc. - USEC - United States

Suomen Eurasier Kerho - SEK - Finland