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For a long time during my tenure with the United States Eurasier Club, Inc. I prepared the quarterly newsletters for the club. When I retired from my club work, I continued to publish my own Eurasier magazine “Eurasiers International” for three years to bring European news to those people in North America who were interested in reading about the breed on this continent and abroad. I have ceased publication to avoid rumors of competition with club publications. Maybe I will resume publication at a future date.

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Eurasiers Yesterday and Today

by Annelie Feder

A complete revision of the  “Eurasiers Toda”y ¯book from 2000

The book can be ordered  HERE

Cost in Euro: 37.50 plus 7.00 shipping and handling to the United States and Canada


The Eurasier

by Ute Molush

The 54 page paperback booklet is no longer available


Fascination Eurasier

Picture book with fascinating pictures by Thomas Post

The book can be ordered through the KZG


Cost in Euro: 39.50