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  • Nordstern’s Alys of Eurasia
  • Nordstern’s Arroyo Amigo
  • Nordstern’s Riverblues Ariel
  • Nordstern’s Assim Lord Eurasia
  • Nordstern’s Yukon Quest Alina
  • Nordstern’s Big Bear Alamo
  • Nordstern’s Starlight Annie

In her first litter Laika surprised us with seven beautiful red and tan puppies, four little females and three little males. Laika was a dedicated mother and she was quite protective of her offspring. Only after a few weeks she allowed the other dogs in our house to look at the puppies but she continued to be weary of all humans who wanted to get too close to her children. All of the puppies found great homes and lived long lives.

A-Litter Puppy Gallery

2-22-2016 7-51-26 PM

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