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~Eurasiers Are Our Passion~

Last update: June 27,  2022

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Welcome to our website! We hope you enjoy it and find all the relevant  breed information that you are looking for. I am one of the founding members of the United States Eurasier Club, Inc. and have actively worked with and for this breed since 2000.

Should you need any information that you do not find on this website, please feel free to contact me via email.

Should you be looking for a puppy, be aware that there is a waiting time for Eurasier puppies since the  Eurasier is a rare breed and there is a limited amount of breeders in North America. I would highly recommend you only consider Eurasier breeders who are in good standing with any officially recognized Eurasier club. Don’t support any commercial breeding.

You will see many picture galleries on my website as I am also an avid photographer and my dogs are my favorite motives.

I have now started the USEC history page on this website under Organizations  and it will grow as I find the time to write and many galleries with club meetings and private gatherings will follow. Enjoy!

The page referencing the Eurasier Club of Canada will soon be up again also